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Propcircles Design was started many years ago and continues till this very day. One day, long ago, my Great-Grandfather decided to start an online t-shirt business. Ridiculed by his peers, my Great-Grandfather died bankrupt and penniless, as the internet had not yet been invented. But the idea was passed on to my Grandfather, who also failed to succeed in the online T-shirt business. The idea was nearly lost to history, until many decades later, Amazon began allowing regular Joes to sell all their stupid t-shirt designs over the internet!

Almost immediately, armed with unquenchable sarcasm and novice photoshop skills, Propcircles Design was revived with a mordacious vigor! Today, you can be a part of history as you shop all the clever designs in the Propcircles clothing line.

It only takes 3 t-shirt purchases to keep this website going, so buy 4. Do it for Grandpa!

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